Certified! KaliPAK has passed the most demanding drop dust and wet tests!

As we are (like you) anxiously waiting for the new electronic Printed Circuit Boards to arrive to our assembly line in Berlin, we have conducted the most intense mechanical tests. Check the pics below for the drop test sequence and the water and dust test (KaliPAK wearing the Raincoat)

The results, not surprisingly, confirm what we have known for a while: KaliPAK is most durable, portable and sustainable energy pack around!

It is now certified as a shock-proof device, and with the Raincoat - Dustproof and Waterproof to meet the international standard of IP55.

Regarding shipping: We want to make sure our new and improved Electronics PCB’s pass the FCC tests (scheduled for the end of this month) before we commit to a shipping date. 

Stay tuned!

The Kalisaya Team


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