Mobile Energy - Detach Yourself from the (archaic) Grid

High-voltage AC electricity is practically an ancient infrastructure, invented in the days of Thomas Edison. The grid (in the US) has been 110V for decades and still gets the majority of its power from fossil fuels. We all really want to disconnect ourselves from the grid and lead a healthy, independent, environmentally-aware, mobile, connected and power-full life. 

Kalisaya has recently launched the KaliPAK™ - a mobile solar generator able to  charge (unprecedentedly efficient) from the sun , and store up to 600Wh of electric energy, in a compact and ultra-portable unit (available here). It does not include a 110/220V AC outlet. Why?


 Top 10 Reasons for Not Including a 110V AC Outlet

  1. Lithium Ion Batteries – For maximum portability and sufficient energy on-the-go, we chose Lithium Ion batteries. This is the most efficient battery in the spectrum of 5V (USB) or 12-24V (vehicles, laptops, cameras, tablets and a growing number of devices). With lithium ion batteries, you don’t need an outlet…
  2. Solar Charging - For personal, portable solar panels, solar charging works best in the 12-24V spectrum.
  3. Energy Loss – Introducing a 12V DC > 110V AC inverter in the KaliPAK would cause it to lose over 50% (!) of its carefully harvested energy in the inversion process.
  4. Portability - A typical 12V DC- 110V AC inverter weighs 4+ lbs. There goes some of your portability…
  5. Heat - A reasonable 12V DC > 110V AC inverter generates lots of heat, which has a less than ideal effect on lithium ion batteries. The heat would require creating a larger KaliPAK with appropriate ventilation.
  6. Reality Check (1) - Do you really want to operate a washing machine or an air-conditioning unit (examples of pure 110V appliances) in the great outdoors?
  7. Reality Check (2) - Do you really want to operate a washing machine or an air-condition unit (examples of pure 110V appliances) during a blackout, hurricane, flood or earthquake?
  8. 12V is the New Standard – A swift-growing array of devices run on 12V, including LCD TV, mini-fridges, various LED lights, electric pumps, handheld medical devices, laptops, tablets, video cameras, sound systems. When you choose to get away from the grid, you don’t really need more than 12V.
  9. Charges Any Car-Chargeable Device - Electric product manufacturers now make smaller, more energy efficient products that can be charged from car’s lighter socket. Anything that can be charged from a car lighter socket, can be charged from a KaliPAK using the included the Car Lighter Adapter.
  10. Your Pocket - In general, 12V DC > 110V AC inverter would boost the price of the KaliPAK.


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