Why did we freeze the KaliPAD campaign? Just to make it better!

Dear backers and Kalisaya fans,  

We decided to freeze the current campaign for the KaliPAD.  
Obviously, you will not be charged, but we want you on-board as an early adapter.  

The reason is that in recent tests of the solar panel, we discovered less-than-satisfactory performance. Although most USB solar panels in the market are based on the same technology, we believe it does not meet our own high standards.  

We’re determined to stand out. As the Kalisaya brand calls for superior performance and reliability, we went hunting superior technology – and found it.  

With the new top-quality Made-In-USA solar panels, you’ll get an even better KaliPAD! And best of all – the cost of this superior KaliPAD will be the same as now.  

It’ll take us about a few weeks to re-align and re-launch the campaign.  

We can notify you just before the launch, so you can grab the limited early bird prices. AND we will be able to provide you with a little extra something as a devoted backer…

Please reply with your email, and indicate:  
a) Your favorite colorstyle  
b) Whether you’d like to receive a KaliNOTE sketchbook along with your KaliPAD

Feel free to contact us with any question and to sign up for pre-order alert once we launch again



Yaron Gissin Co-Founder    



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