Meet Kalisaya's creator

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Kalisaya, in the Incan language Aymara, means both the radiance of the sun and the inner light of a person’s soul. To the Incas, the sun was a divine entity that created and enhanced life through its warmth and good will.

With this key concept in mind, Kalisaya is now bringing the glowing power of the sun directly to survivalists and camping enthusiasts. Blazing a revolutionary path in portable energy solutions, Kalisaya provides all the comforts of lighting, connectivity, and multiple device charging in the most challenging on-the-go situations while simultaneously remaining renewable and carbon-neutral.

Meet Kalisaya's golden child, the KaliPAK - the most reliable and lightweight companion for outdoor usage and emergencies. The KaliPAK KP601 features 601 Wh, fully storing all the power you need while off the grid with advanced and safe lithium-ion batteries. Aside from the convenient AC/DC wall charger and car adapter (included), charge your PAK through Kalisaya's high-tech solar panels. These have been designed to explicitly incorporate a new, natural, and quiet style of powered luxury.

Harness the power of the sun whenever you need it and wherever you are, and truly revel in your new energy autonomous state.