Kalisaya’s team of industrial and product designers, engineers and entrepreneurs began with a simple mission: We wanted to replace the diesel generator.

What if there was a device that was autonomous, carbon neutral and built for maximum convenience? A device that responded to cases in which grid-based electric power is absent? A device that could connect the outdoor experience to the comforts of home?

So was born the KaliPAK, portable in size and able to provide immediate response to loss of electricity. It runs on only the best lithium ion batteries because no matter professional or recreational use, we take your resources seriously.

Here’s the reality: Natural disasters are affecting more and more people. The first infrastructure that goes down during such events is electricity. With no grid power, comes lack of light, lack of communication, fear and panic.

The historical data accentuates three simple facts:

Natural disasters and their effects have increased over the past 110 years, with a particular surge seen in the last 35 years.
Less people are losing their lives, but more people are being affected by these natural disasters.
Disasters driven by climate change (hurricanes, flooding) are by far the most dominant of recent disasters. Many researchers directly tie rapid technological advancements to this climate change.

    Kalisaya’s social and global responsibility agenda aims to ease the effect of these disasters on our lives, and to do so in a clean-energy way.

    We know we can keep an eye out for our planet, that we can consume energy wisely, without sacrificing progress or technology. We know we can keep the masses safe and secure in this increasingly urban, tech-reliant world.

    This belief is what drives our developing line of Kalisaya products.

    We at Kalisaya believe governments, municipalities, communities, and individuals need personal survival kits. We need devices that are portable, durable, packed with energy yet able to recharge autonomously. This kit should enable light and communication for at least 7 nights of power outage before the need to recharge. This kit should also have ample storage to carry other survival elements such as chargeable flashlights, first aid kits or a satellite phone.

    And imagine that this kit comes handy for any outdoor activity: powering your beer cooler, illuminating your base camp, responding to your kids' digital connectivity needs while in nature….

    The Kalisaya team designed it, developed it and gave it a name: The KaliPAK.